The Chocolatey, Chunky, Nutty Magic Cookie

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  • The Chocolatey, Chunky, Nutty Magic Cookie

The Chocolatey, Chunky, Nutty Magic Cookie

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Nutty Chocolate Chip "Magic Cookie"

This huge cookie is the very definition of indulgence!
A molten cookie packed with bittersweet chocolate and bursts of almond for that perfect crunch!

When we were kids all cookies seemed huge, but as we got older, they seemed to become increasingly… SMALLER! You can see why we had to remedy this situation by creating our GIANT cookies.

Look decadent enough to you? Just wait until you taste them. Each bite makes you feel like a kid again!

Add a dose of magic to your treat!
Add a jar of our fleur de sel caramel sauce - our divine best-seller! Don’t forget to pick up your cookie syringe to inject your cookie with our lusciously sweet sauces for the ultimate magic cookie experience!

Ingredients: wheat flour, butter, brown sugar, whole eggs, sugar, dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin (emulsifier), vanilla), almonds, bicarbonate, salt.

Allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, almonds, soy. May contain : peanuts and other nuts.

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