The 2018 Juliette & Chocolat Advent Calendar

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  • The 2018 Juliette & Chocolat Advent Calendar

The 2018 Juliette & Chocolat Advent Calendar

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Juliette & Chocolat’s Advent Calendar makes for a truly magical Christmas countdown!

Our Advent Calendar hides a ton of sweet surprises just waiting to be discovered:

  • colourful Christmas ornaments made of milk and 55% cocoa dark chocolate. Break them open with a tiny wooden hammer to discover even more sweet surprises inside.
  • our delicious hazelnut cream and speculoos-stuffed pinecones
  • artisanal fleur de sel caramel and chocolate spread
  • and don’t forget our new feature for 2018 – Cubies! Delectable brownie cubes, topped with an added layer of candied sweetness, then dipped in silky chocolate.

Advent Calendar Cubies:

  • Raspberry: fruity and comforting
  • Lemon: tart and tender
  • Peanut: creamy and romantic
  • Fleur de sel caramel: intense and passionate
  • Candied: gourmet and crunchy

The premium, most refined and delectable Advent Calendar, prepared with love by the skilled artisans in our Chocolate Laboratory.

1.9 Pounds of chocolate and sweet treats

Ingredients : Please contact us for any question about ingredients and allergens.

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