As far back as I can remember, I always thought chocolate was magical! It’s the sweet pleasure that I dreamt about, that introduced me to cooking, and that gave me so many sweet memories.

Even after becoming an adult, I kept eating as much, if not more, chocolate, and kept dreaming about it. So after finishing my studies in Montreal, I decided I had to follow my sweet tooth, and open the restaurant I was dreaming of. A place where chocolate would be king, where you could get simple, generous desserts to make kids and adults swoon!

And so in 2003, when I was 22, I opened the first chocolate bar in Quebec! Finding the right name was a challenge, until my sister had an inspiration everyone loved: Juliette & Chocolat!  On the menu, all the desserts I dreamt of as a little girl, but also chocolate dishes and drinks to showcase this magical ingredient and travel its origins and flavors.

Thirteen years and a lot of work later, Juliette & Chocolat has grown a lot, and so have I. I’m incredibly grateful and lucky to be working with a team that’s incredibly passionate, creative and sweet! Our mission is still the same:  share sweet moments!

I’m in my restaurants every day, so if you see me please introduce yourself, I’d love to meet you!  And until then, I wish you a happy, chocolatey life!