Juliette makes homemade marshmallows

Everyone knows that marshmallows are usually white and square, but not for Juliette! Are you surprised to learn that she prefers them coated with chocolate?

Here is the opportunity to create a unique chocolate dessert! Our Juliette teaches us how to make artisanal marshmallows coated with white chocolate shaped like a point of cheese, with cute little milk chocolate mice! A fun and simple adapted recipe, which is ideal to do at home with the whole family!

In our restaurants, we take our marshmallows very seriously. Handmade by our chocolatiers, they are soft and just enough sweet, offered in many desserts and even in some beverages!

Watch this video and follow the steps with Juliette, to know everything about the creation of artisanal marshmallows and chocolate. Bonne Appétit ! 

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