Juliette's favorite dessert: The Hazelnut praline bomb

Anatomy of a perfect dessert (in our humble opinion): the Hazelnut Praline Bomb

What makes a perfect pastry? A good start is a harmony of tastes and a contrast of textures.

So for texture, we contrasted silky smooth chocolate mousse and crunchy caramelized hazelnuts, with at the center a heart of pure praline paste.

For taste, the magic is in the harmony between the milk chocolate and the roasted hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are a dried fruit that goes well with a lot of ingredients, both salty and sweet, but above all with milk chocolate. Why milk chocolate and not dark? Purists would indeed prefer dark chocolate, but it’s milk chocolate, sweeter and smoother, that goes best with the nutty taste of hazelnuts. Plus, this dessert is not about being a purist, it’s about indulging in a decadent treat!

Last but certainly not least, there’s the small heart of pure hazelnut paste. To make a long and complicated recipe short, you cook sugar to make a caramel (careful not to burn it!) pour it over hot oven-roasted hazelnuts, and when the caramel has cooled down, you blitz the whole thing in a powerful blender. You get a delicious paste that goes directly in our Hazelnut Bomb (hence the name).

The result: simply decadent!!!





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