5 Unusual Facts on the history of chocolate

Chocolate is an exquisite ingredient that makes us dream every day! Unique, you may think? We say magical! Mythical and fascinating, its history makes us travel in time, through the great epochs of History. Here are FIVE fascinating facts!

  1. In the days of the Aztecs and the Maya, cocoa beans were precious. They were used as bargaining money between the tribes for trade and the collection of taxes.
  2. The first hot chocolate was named "Xocoalt". It was a very bitter and spicy drink, less creamy than today's hot chocolate!
  3. Cocoa was associated with the divinity. It was called "Food of the Gods" and it was given powers related to fertility. The Maya and the Aztecs appreciated the energizing and aphrodisiac properties!
  4. It was General Cortes, in 1519, who introduced cocoa to Europe. At that time, it was called "brown gold"!
  5. In 1674, in London, the first chocolate to be chewed was invented! With the Industrial Revolution, chocolate production took another turn, commercializing and industrializing on a global scale!

It wasn't until 1847, in England, that the chocolate tablet was commercialized, and 1940, in the United States, for the American army to finalize a chocolate heat-resistant tablet, as it is seen today in stores!

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